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Fiberglass Gland Packing

Fiberglass gland packing” consists of fiberglass textile yarn, tape, and fabrics. It is manufactured in various sizes as braided or twisted. Steel wire reinforcement is used to increase tensile strength. This way, the operating temperature can be increased. In areas where electrical resistance is required, fiberglass threads are used. Textile products can be used up to 550°C.

The fiberglass gland packings are manufactured in our own facilities.

  • They come in the forms of yarn, fabric, twisted rope, braided rope, tape, and jacket-hose configurations.
  • The ropes are produced from ceramic fiber fibers.
  • They can be reinforced with fiberglass or steel wire.
  • The ropes are woven in twisted, round, or square shapes.

Areas of Application


  • As gaskets
  • In cable and wire insulation
  • As heat curtains in furnaces
  • As connecting elements
  • For fire protection in the production of various textile products

Ropes – Strips:

  • As sealing elements in industrial oven doors
  • In stoves and ovens
  • In pipe insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Binding cord

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