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Stone Wool Pipe

Stone Wool Pipe

A Stone wool prefabricated pipe is selected according to the nominal diameter of the pipeline where the application will be carried out It is placed by opening it from the cut location. The application should be completed without leaving any gaps at the joints. Uncoated pipes are coated by wrapping them with bitumen emulsion or bituminous membranes, or by using galvanized or aluminum jackets. The joints of the coatings are secured by methods such as adhesive bonding, riveting, clamping, or screwing. For insulation of cold pipelines, aluminum foil-clad pipes with adhesive tape and vapor barrier foil on the overlap area greatly facilitate the installation process. In this application, the joints of the two pipes must be sealed using self-adhesive aluminum foil tapes that are at least 7.5 cm wide to completely prevent vapor transmission. If a double-layer application is used during the installation of the pipes, care should be taken to stagger the joints, and in the final layer, the joint should be positioned beneath the lower part of the pipe.

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