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Insulating Brick

Insulating Brick

“Insulating bricks” are used in industrial furnaces to provide high-temperature insulation. They come in standard dimensions of 230x114x64 mm. As block bricks, they are used in doors and ceilings of laboratory furnaces to provide solid insulation. They are also available in our stock in dimensions of 230x610x64 mm or 76 mm.

  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • High purity, low iron content.
  • Excellent thermal resistance in direct flame.
  • Resistant to thermal shocks.
  • Easily cut and shaped.

Technical specifications:

 Grade 23Grade 26Grade 28Grade 30
Physical characteristics:
Classification temperature (°C) 1300140015001550
Density (kg/m³)6008009001000
Cold compression strength (MPa)1,21,82,53,3
Flexural strength (MPa)1,01,72,33,1
Thermal shrinkage (% x 24 hours)≤0,6≤0,6≤ 0,8≤0,9
Thermal expansion (% at 1000°C)0,50,520,520,53
Thermal conductivity (W/m·K) at 400°C and 600°C 0,2 0,24 0,29 0,32 0,35 0,37 0,40 0,42
Chemical composition: Al2O3% SiO2% 42 55 56 41 67 30 73 24

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